Corresponding with Recipients

Corresponding with Recipients


Choosing to write to your loved one's transplant recipient(s) is a very personal decision. There are no strict rules, no time frames and no expectations for corresponding.We are honored to facilitate the written communication between donor families and cornea recipients. Our correspondence policy maintains respect and confidentiality for both parties throughout the process. All initial letters and/or cards are mailed to the eye bank prior to forwarding to the recipient or donor’s family, keeping the exchange anonymous for at least one year.

Suggestions for writing:

  • Address your correspondence to "Transplant Recipient"
  • Only use first names 
  • Share something special about your loved one and your decision to donate; use simple language
  • Be sensitive regarding religious comments; the beliefs of the recipient are unknown
  • Please sign with only first names; do not include your address, phone number, email or other contact information

When you're ready to send, include a note with your full name, donor’s full name, and the date of their donation so that we can correctly determine the recipient(s) of the gift - this information will not be included with your correspondence to the recipient(s).

Mail all pieces in one envelope to: 

Iowa Lions Eye Bank
Family Services Coordinator
2500 Crosspark Road W300
Coralville, IA 52241