Current Research Projects

"Perfect The Transplant, Prevent the Transplant."

Iowa Lions Eye Bank is committed to engaging in cutting edge research activities that will revolutionize our understanding and treatment of eye disease. Our dedicated research team, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of faculty and staff at the University of Iowa, is tirelessly seeking out new discoveries and technologies that will improve eye banking practices and help restore vision loss.

Heatmap of proteins associated with diabetic disease severity in corneal endothelial cells
Descemet Membrane-Endothelial Cell Proteomics

This high throughput, mass spectrometry analysis gives insight to how diabetes affects corneal endothelial cell mitochondria. Visit our data sets page for a full download of data.

Transmission electron micrograph of mitochondria in corneal endothelial cells
Protecting Corneas in Storage

Amphotericin B treatment of donor tissue in storage is a safe way to combat against fungal infections in transplant recipients.

Confocal microscopy of corneal endothelial cell nuclei (pink) and mitochondria (red)
Diabetic Rat Model

The first characterization of diabetic corneal endothelial cells in a rat model. This model is a good means to study the effects of diabetes on both donor tissue and recipient transplant success.

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