Heather McKiness

Recipient Heather
Heather McKiness
Gift of Sight

Donor Family,

January 31, 2018, I received the most beautiful gift of sight. Your loved one donated a cornea to me to love and grow, and just one week later, I could see 20/25. Without this, I would be blind in that eye. My mother and grandmother also received cornea transplants. The generations before my grandmother went blind in their 40s, most likely from Fuch’s Dystrophy (discovered through genealogy searching).

My name is Heather and I have been married to my wonderful husband for 26 years. We have one kiddo in college. I didn’t decide my life vocation until I was 39. I went back to school to become a Surgical Technologist...I LOVE MY JOB! We live in the country and enjoy gardening an entire acre of land—canning and freezing all the vegetables we need, with extras to give away to neighbors, co-workers and friends. We made apple cider from our trees last year, and that was fun! We have 2 black and tan coonhounds; our dog children are my constant companions in the yard and my sewing room.

Thank you and I am forever grateful and honored
(and I am also a donor),