Honoring an Angler

Donor Robert D. Greiner
Honoring an Angler
Every Life Has a Story

Robert D. Greiner

(April 14, 1946 – May 13, 2017)

Robert D. Greiner was a beloved old crank. He loved the parts of his family and his life that mattered most to him. He fell in love with the water – first as a child of California; then as a reluctant submariner serving in a floating tin can that drove him nuts; then again as an angler, a truly joyous endeavor that was as much a way of life and “raison d’etre” (reason for being) as just a line out there in the water. He caught more trout than trees in the final analysis. Despite what he may have feared, Robert will be remembered always as a loving father and grandfather; an intellectual and an artist; and a wonderful teacher, whether he meant to be or not.