Motorcycle Enthusiast Gives the Gift of Sight

Donor Lee and wife
Motorcycle Enthusiast Gives the Gift of Sight
Gift of Sight

My husband Lee and I were very dedicated motorcycle riders; Lee lived for riding. He participated in many charity rides and benefits for every cause imaginable. He put his own ride together every year in honor of his grandson who has juvenile diabetes. This ride helped the family with the high costs of medication, doctor visits and transportation. I am so proud of how one unorganized man single-handedly planned a large motorcycle ride with 5 stops spanning 5 hours, followed by a benefit consisting of a raffle, silent auction, buffet and live band.

My husband had many people who love him, including a large group of friends from a riding community of amazing people. His family consisted of six boys, two stepsons, a stepdaughter, four grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, me, his mom and his siblings. And let's not forget our fur baby, a 3-month old kitten. Lee and that kitten formed quite a unique bond; this biker man would sit with her for an hour at a time watching YouTube videos of kittens playing, and laughing the entire time. Even now, she still runs to the door at the sound of a passing motorcycle.

I am very proud of my husband for expressing his wishes to me to be a donor, and I now realize what a selfless act this truly is. I recently received a letter from one of his cornea recipients and although I am not ready to reply, it brings comfort to me knowing that a part of him lives on. A stranger can see again because of his love for other people.